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still striving after 30 years to bring "touch" to a digital world . . . it all starts with drawing & painting

" . . . she, like Andy Warhol, has her finger on our culture's pulse"
--Art Historian Gail Levin writes about Roz's recent series "GUNS"
"Information Alchemist"
-- a tribute to Roz in the early days of digital art by Smithsonianian editor and artist, Paul Trachtman  --
"... a blend between Rembrandt's and a lab at Apple or IBM . . . "
-- The late Met Curator, Walter A. Liedtke, writes about Roz's work --
A recording with NPR's Bonnie Grice (2009) about digital art:
00:00 / 06:08
-- first hand-coded by Roz in 1997 and still going stong --

Roz talks digital with Esperanza Leon, 2016

yours in 'rozolution'

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