a new age, a new time . . .
and a new rising global language we must figure out together.

still striving after 30 years to bring "touch" to a digital world . . . it all starts with drawing & painting

Maeve Kyne-Purcell Interacts with DIMONs

Click SHORT-VIDEO above to watch 

an eight-year-old interacting

with the DIMONscape of HAVENS HOUSE.

Commissioned by The Shelter Island Historical Society and now a permanent installation at their new  History Center & Museum. 



It was a beautiful day July 4th, 1989, when we created our door - a digital collage (shown here both sides) with help from my two roommates, James Dawson and Sarah Emery, on a sunny day in Brooklyn, Independence Day . . . little did we know this exhibition of doors titled "CHINA: June 4, 1989" would premiere at PS1, then Blum Helman Gallery in NYC and then tour around the world. The collection of doors has today been exchanged from The Asian American Arts Center to The Humanitarian China Organization who states in today's press conference on March 6, 2019 that plans are for this exhibition to travel again this summer on the 25th Anniversary of Tiananmem Square. 

Videos of press conference courtesy of Rose Tang on FB: 

Bob Lee:   


Imagine rolling through 300 years  of history in one commemorative painting. Composed of multiple hundreds of layers, this "state-of the art" technological process called a DIMONscape® invites all to be part of the experience . . .

A DIMONscape® of

"HAVENS HOUSE" has opened to the public at 

The Shelter Island Historical Society . . .


Check out this behind the scenes video of Roz working on the piece. 


 1700s, State #41 of HAVENS HOUSE,  2018



Roz mashed her art & interfaith ministry skills together to work with fellow artist Sara Petitt at Carter Burden Gallery in NYC to create a work which questions:


Is there any


Roz talks digital with Esperanza Leon, 2016

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