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Roz Dimon is a transplanted southerner to New York City who has been painting with a digital brush for over 30 years after her oil paintings began to fill with pixels. She is the creator of a new form of art and storytelling which she has spoken about at numerous conferences and presentations, including Art Historian and Professor Gail Levin's Classes at Baruch and an Immersive New Media Conference at Yale University's CCAM.


A recent commission by The Children's Museum of Long Island during COVID featured an interactive work she co-created with Latinx children working entirely via ZOOM and was supported by grants from the NEA, NYSFA and IMLS. Another museum commission entailed taking 300 years of history and making it into a single work of art whose story is accessible by all with an iPHONE or iPAD.


Dimon has a piece in the permanent collection of The 9/11 Memorial Museum and is a member of the Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea, New York City.


Her work was recently featured in one of the first curated shows of NFTs called "NFT NOW" Here solo show of recent LINCOLN drawings was covered by Margaret Hoover of PBS's Firing Line. 

She is launching a new interactive work soon that she has been working on for four years. It documents a 'real life' tragedy that addresses issues of gun violence, mental disability, and drugs in America. 

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social media: @rozolution

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