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I've been painting with a digital brush ever since my canvases began to fill up with pixels in 1984.. This has kept me "out of step" with the artworld but "in step" with my own heart and mind's inclinations; and with a medium we all know is changing the world.


Starting with four colors on an IBM at The School of Visual Arts, I now work with millions of colors on a MacBookPro, creating works that seek to connect with others in an intimate, meaningful way that goes beyond the physical. I work with a closely knit team -- all who live in different zip codes. We communicate by Zoom, Trello, Goggle Meeting.


Working as a 'fine artist' in the corporate canyons of downtown Wall Street in the emerging digital 90s proved to be to be a huge influence on my work. I began to create Interactive pieces like "The World's Greatest Bar Chart" and "Washington Pig" - works that "ooze" with the multi-layered ironies and seductive nature of American Capitalism while speaking to the innovative technologies then emerging.


A dark time post 9/11 led me led me to seek something more than being featured in the latest international digital exhibition, getting paid a top signing bonus, or being asked to curate a show for a Soho gallery that was just in it for the money. Inspired by an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on medieval iconography where viewers where invited into a relationship with art that opened a window of comfort to a nation besieged, I created an interactive story about a famous hawk who found his home in NYC. The 9/11 Memorial Museum acquired it for their permanent collection in 2013.


As important as creating work in such turbulent times as we find ourselves in 2021, is thinking about the work one creates . . . also reaching out to the next generation with hope.

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