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a larger call for artists . . .

Jury Duty, 1983 by Roz Dimon, mixed media on bristol

The early artists were equated with the shamans, the revealers, the healers, those who attended to the larger and deeper questions -

We are beyond ‘shock & awe’ - it’s a tired formula now that every six-year old can watch rape, mayhem, war crimes on the internet – not to mention the hapless antics of the neighbor next door . . .

What would be extraordinary is for artists to rise to a new calling and find a new language for image-making in a new dimension – one that makes some larger connection and meaningfulness out of what is otherwise a massive outpouring of separated images, words, feelings, . . . all crying to be heard.

I try to do that with my DIMONscapes®.

"trapped in a ferris wheel of 1s & 0s" abstract #1 from LOVE LETTER FOR SUMIRE, DIMONscape® in progress (inspired by the Novel SPUTNIK SWEETHEART by Haruki Marakami.)

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