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CLICK HERE  for a 50 second video summarizing these works.

Margaret Hoover of Firing Line interviews John Avlon and Roz Dimon at her recent travelling Lincoln Exhibition - CLICK HERE



During the period beginning December 2020 and extending through the 2021 inauguration, I pondered what I might do as an artist to bring comfort, hope, and thoughtfulness to the ongoing political climate of intolerance and hatred. I happened upon a Wikipedia photo (public domain) of Abraham Lincoln and fell in love with a face full of vision, suffering, steadfastness . . . a face offering multiple interpretations simultaneously . . . One that looked almost like a civil war battlefield itself. That was the beginning of my LINCOLN series . . . about 18 of them, mostly black and white drawings, except for the final BLUE . . .  Drawn the night before the 2021 inauguration, Lincoln's bow tie has gone blue - his whole visage in blue tones. 
These works are drawn in various media from pencil to charcoal to using my digital pen and various brush strokes - inclusion of digital media brings the man to our age, and our age to the man in a way that speaks distinctly to this time. 

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