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exhibition extended to July 23rd


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Artist's proceeds go to

United Help Ukraine.

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Roz  with "KALASHNIKOV II" photo by Colin Goldberg

Check out a new kind of 2D painting that invites 3D exploration -- permanently on view for public engagement and funded by grants from The National Edowment for the Arts, The Institute for Museum and LIbrary Sciences and more. Find out more here:

"It's true. I had an affair with a a dead man . . . "

LINCOLN #15 %22AGAIN%22 1350x1080 for In

16 drawings of our 16th President . . . drawn during tumultuous times 2020-2021

The exhibition features 11 digital drawings and 7 mixed media interpretations based on the photographic portrait of Abraham Lincoln first realized by Alexander Gardner in 1863. I created the entire series in the tumultuous time in our nation between December 2020 and  February 2021. I was inspired by his face as a means for preserving disparate forces and preserving a union of opposite minds -- which is after all what freedom is all about -- allowing differences of opinion.

READ MORE about this series in an interview with Jody Geist in The Times Review/Shelter Island Reporter.

Coming to The Floyd Memorial Library, Greenport in the Fall of 2022. 

E.T. and Lynn with artwork NAIL THIS at Christ Episcopal Church.jpeg
E.T. and Lynn and Roz with artwork PALE MALE at Christ Episcopal Church..jpeg
Collectors Lyn & E.T. Wiliams with their  purchase of Pale Male and Nail This.

A GIFT making these two works permanent installations at Christ Episcopal Church, Sag Harbor — PALE MALE #4/10, 'about fiinding home when all is lost’  and NAIL THIS AP#2, a Jesus-centric work that reaches out in openness to all faiths in the shape of a mandala. Both artworks flank a large Tiffany glass window that shows Jesus in the Temple talking with the rabbis. These works are STILL IMAGE & TIME BASED (you can interact - see DIMONscapes.

a public artwork commissioned by The Children's Museum of The East End with funds provided by The National Endowment for The Arts, The New York State Council for the Arts, and more ---
where I load my digital brush with the art and stories of 25 Latino kids --
all created via ZOOM classes in summer 2020.

Roz & Daelyn at CMEE with La Vida after
LA VIDA on wall from front door view.HEI

"LA VIDA EN TIEMPOS DE COVID"  a DIMONscape created entirely via ZOOM with CMEE's outreach program "ARTE DIGITALE" during Summer 2020 (COVID) funded by  The National Endowment for the Art, The Institute for Museum and Library Sciences and more.

Roz stands with Daelyn after installation.

Permanent Installation at The Children's Museum, East End