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New York, 1990 [excerpt from memoirs]

I’d just traded in my Commodore Amiga for a APPLE IIe where WOW I could now paint with a few hundred colors instead of just 64! Then the phone rang. (all nine digits rotary . . . brrrrrinnnng!)

“Hey Dimon, what’s up with the surprise party at McDonalds? We can do it, but I have a “Jeu de Pomme” court later at The Athletic Club so, Bettie and I might have to skedaddle early . . . “

I was thrilled to hear that my premiere collector, recently quoted for an article on digital art in Forbes Magazine[1], would rearrange his schedule for my husband’s surprise 30th birthday bash at McDonald’s! Now the only question remaining was from the staff: “Seriously Ms. Dimon, how old ARE the children?”

Around noon on the day in question I detoured my beloved into McD’s on Sixth Avenue. Our delightful young hostess, studying for a medical degree at Barnard, led us in such challenging games as “paste the animals on the farm” where given the flirtatious, bestial behavior of a few less-evolved brethren, she felt compelled to take a very Gestapo-like approach, “No, zee cow cannot make zee love in zee behind with zee pig!”

After a gourmet meal of Big Macs, we left to play pool and drink beer all afternoon at Julian’s on 14th Street. My husband had reached a new maturity.

I couldn’t wait to get home to my new Mac. Something new was in the air.

1. “What Am I Offered For This Floppy Disk?,” 1990, Forbes Magazine

BRUSH IN BOX [1997, digital painting on cibachrome, 48"x60" DIGITAL PAINTINGS]

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